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WoW – The Story of the Forsaken

The playable race of the Undead differs considerably from the Undead of the Scourge. Although the latter harbor similarly sinister thoughts and deeply abhor the light, they are guided by completely different goals. But what do we know about the Forsaken in WoW and what is their history? We will clarify these and other questions in this article.

WoW Story the Forsaken

The beginning of the Forsaken

Through the events in the history of the Forsaken, their present way of life is formed. The desire for revenge determines their lives, because they cannot let the past rest. The history of the undead begins with the outbreak of the Third War. At that time, the Forsaken of today were still human and lived a peaceful life.

The Third War

When the war began and the armies of bloodthirsty undead waited outside the city walls of Lordaeron for the signal to attack, the people sent final prayers to heaven. They had no chance against the immense force of the Scourge and the plague they had unleashed. As Arthas stood before the dead bodies of his victims, he decided to increase his Scourge forces. He revived many of the fallen humans with his sword and had them fight for him. The brave high elf Sylvanas Windrunner, Ranger General of Silvermoon, also went to fight against the Scourge. But not even the entire force of the empire could do anything against the army of the undead. She was eventually killed by Arthas himself and then revived. He thought that such a stubborn person could serve well as a subordinate. But this thought was later to be his undoing.

The birth of the Forsaken

With the weakening of the Lich King, some of the undead forces managed to regain their free will. Under the leadership of the now undead banshee Sylvanas Windrunner, they attempted to take control of the undead kingdom. Arthas, called to the north, left the matter of the rebels to his officer Kel’Thuzad. The rebellious undead took over the ruined capital city of Lordaeron and established their bastion, the Undercity, deep underground. From then on they called themselves “the Forsaken”. Driven by hatred, their only thought was revenge against Arthas. They wanted to destroy Kel’Thuzad and drive his servants from their land once and for all.

The union with the Horde

Although the Horde, in their opinion, consists of primitive and brutish peoples, the Forsaken entered into an agreement with them. They saw this pact as an agreement of convenience, in order to bring their plans for revenge in WoW to fruition more quickly. Therefore, they still feel no real loyalty to the Horde.

The Betrayal

Even in their own ranks of the Forsaken there were problems and betrayals. One of the leading alchemists or apothecary association was Grand Apothecary Putress. Obsessed with revenge, he researched day and night. When a plague broke out in Shattrath, he even traveled there to study the brains of the contaminated zombies. He found the so-called “Dual-Plagued Brain.” This brain contained both the disease causing agent and the antibodies. But with all the zealous research, Putress seemed to have lost his mind and his sanity. He began to act on his own. Finally, a conflict arose at the Wrath Gate in Dragonblight. There, the Lich King and the two factions, Horde and Alliance, were ready for battle when Putress appeared.

“Do you think we have forgotten? Do you think we have forgiven? Feel now the terrible revenge of the Forsaken!” he proclaimed. With that, he hurled barrels of plague at everyone present with a catapult. The commanders of the factions, High Lord Bolvar Fordragon and Saurfang the Younger, seemed to perish in this attack. Putress said himself along with Dread Lord Varimathras. He was a loyal servant of Sylvanas at the time, then broke away from her and commanded a portion of the outstanding Forsaken. He began killing everyone who got in his way and took the Undercity. Fighters from the Horde then found and eventually killed Varimathras, while a squad from the Alliance then finished off the Grand Apothecary Putress. The dark princess Sylvanas, assured her innocence and not to have known anything about Putress’ plans.

The facts about the Forsaken

What language do they speak and what do the Forsaken believe in? We will now clarify these and numerous other interesting facts.


The Forsaken are literally only skin and bones. Protruding brains, yellow glowing eyes and a curved gait characterize them. Some are missing their hair, others their lower jaw. They are thus the epitome of a living dead.


Have you noticed that even the mounts of this race are undead? The necromantic abilities of the undead apothecaries make it possible. In the process, they have resurrected fallen horses. These horses are still as strong as they once were when they were alive. Only, unfortunately, they are said to be very stubborn.


The buildings of the undead are mostly made of wood. Stone is used only for the construction of foundations and forges.


The Forsaken have taken over the land of Trisfal. There, deep beneath the ruins of the former human city of Lordaeron, lies their sinister capital called Undercity. In addition, parts of the Silver Forest are also under the rule of the undead.


Like all races of the Horde, the Undead speak the common Orcish language. To communicate among themselves, however, they have another language at their disposal. This language is called the gutter language. It is speculated that this linguistic ability is a remnant of the time when they still counted themselves among the Scourge.


The abandoned have nothing at all to do with gender roles. However, this is no wonder, since they have neither children to raise nor a stove to stand at. Who needs food, if he is an undead? At the top of the undead a woman has even the say again.

Faith and Religion

While the Night Elves worship the goddess Elune, the Forsaken have renounced all faith and religion. Instead, they place their hope in their leaders and dark science. Some Forsaken, however, clandestinely hold on to their belief in the Holy Light. In contrast, there is the Cult of the Forgotten Shadows among the undead, which is concerned with the use of shadows instead of Holy Light.

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