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WoW WotLK Classic – Fresh Realms

In their new Blue Post, Blizzard has made a lot of WotLK fans happy. In this post you can read that with the launch of WoW WotLK Classic there will also be some “Fresh Realms”. With “Fresh Realms” is meant that all start from level 1. Many people have already requested this for TBC Classic. Unfortunately it was never implemented there. The WotLK Classic community takes this news of the Fresh Realms in any case well. Especially for players who will play WotLK for the first time, can experience a piece of the past in its former glory. So no player should feel neglected, because all start with the same conditions.

WoW WotLK Classic Fresh Realms

What other information we have about the Fresh Realms in WotLK Classic, you can read in this article.

Blizzard Blue Post

  • With the start of WotLK Classic, the Fresh servers will also be available at the beginning.
  • All players will start at Level 1.
  • Therefore, character transfers from TBC Classic servers are temporarily not possible.
  • Also, there will be no character upgrade to level 70 for the time being.
  • So you will not be able to play a Death Knight at the beginning, unless you level up a character on the same realm to Level 55.
  • 90 days after the release of WotLK Classic, all these restrictions will be removed.

So you have the choice. Do you transfer your character from your TBC Classic to the WotLK Classic server or do you start from scratch? We are already assuming that most players will settle on these Fresh Realms in WotLK Classic. Just for this reason because all players have the same conditions. So you can’t take all your gold and directly finance the best gear. We also recommend all beginners or veterans to start on the Fresh Realms. If there are any other differences to the “normal” servers is not known yet.

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