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How to salvage items in New World

What do you do with old items in New World?

Knowing how to salvage items is crucial as it’s the only way you can obtain ‘Repair parts and some other common items. These are unique resources that help you repair damaged weapons.

So, you have just landed a powerful Spear that you know for sure will carry you a long way. The weapon’s health will gradually whittle away as you keep using it. You can salvage old weapons in exchange for Repair parts that you can use to repair your newly acquired Spear.

Not many MMO games offer a weapon repair mechanic because the devs assume it’s a distraction that gamers despise. However, if properly executed, a salvage and weapon repair mechanic further adds to the gaming experience and player engagement.

Salvage and repair are both sides of the same coin, so in this guide, you learn about them both.

How to Salvage Items in New World - Guide

How to salvage items in New World?

While playing New World or any MMO for that matter, you come across lots of armor and weapons that are not too useful. These low-tier items drop off random enemies and are often heavily underpowered. Instead of just throwing them away, you can salvage them for Repair parts.

How to Salvage Items in New World - Guide

How to Salvage from inventory?

  1. Open your inventory.
  1. Hover the mouse over the item you want to salvage.
  1. Right-click on the item for an additional set of actions.
  1. Click ‘Salvage’ to see what you will get after salvaging the items.
  1. Press E to confirm.

How to Salvage Items in New World - Guide

You can see all your Repair parts at the bottom of the inventory. Note that you can only store a maximum of 2000 Repair parts. Salvaging items after you have achieved the cap will automatically destroy the excess Repair parts.

How to Salvage directly from Forge?

  1. All your items will appear in a list after you have finished crafting them.
  1. You can Salvage them one by one by clicking ‘Salvage’ beside each item.
  1. You can speed up the process by clicking Salvage and pressing ‘Enter’ to instantly salvage the item. The trick is extremely useful when you are salvaging multiple items at the same time.

What should you know before salvaging an item?

Always salvage items for Repair parts. Salvaging them for New World Gold or any other resources is never worth it. It’s simply more efficient to farm the stuff. 2000 Repair parts cap seems like a big number, but it goes away in a matter of few hours if you are a hardcore player.

In case you find yourself swimming more than Repair parts, you can craft Repair Kits to prevent them from going to waste. You will need to up your Engineering skills to create Repair Kits and there are four different kinds of them:

  • Standard (Tier 2)
  • Advanced (Tier 3)
  • Expert (Tier 4)
  • Master (Tier 5)

Note that you cannot use a low-tier Repair kit on a high-tier weapon.

How to repair items?

There are two ways to repair your gear. There are two ways you can repair an item. You can repair them individually or all of them at once.

How to repair individual items?

  1. Open your inventory.
  1. Hover over the item you want to repair while pressing R for a repair prompt. Simply left click on it to repair.
  1. You can also hover over the item, right-click on it and choose Repair.
  1. If you must repair multiple items, first equip all of them on your character.
  1. At the bottom of your character, you will now see a new highlighted option that says, ‘Repair All’.
  1. Clicking on it will fix all your equipped items that are in need of repairs.

Parting thoughts

Salvaging and repairing items go hand in hand and are considered one of the core mechanics of the New World. Hopefully, you’ve learned everything you wanted. Good luck on your journey!

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