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How to increase your inventory size – New World Guide

How to carry more items in New World?

A MMO is never complete without an inventory system. Where else are you going to store metal ingots and all loot you farmed off bosses? But what happens when you inevitably run out of space? You do start the game with only 200 units of storage. How can you increse your inventory size?

Fear not because in this guide you’ll learn how to hoard stuff and carry more items as you level and in New World. However, note that getting the first bag is a bit of a grind so prepare yourself accordingly.

How to get your first bag?

You can either complete story quests and receive a bag as a reward, or you can craft one for yourself. To craft your first bag, you will need the following items:

  • Linen x 25
  • Coarse Leather x 45
  • Iron Ingots x 10
  • Minor Rule of Holding x 1

increse your inventory size - New World Guide

The coarse leather is obtainable from the Tannery in exchange for 4x Rawhide. You can get 180 Rawhide by skinning different animals.

Linen is created from 4x Fibers. You’ll need to harvest enough Hemp to get 96 Fiber for the bag.

Next, you need Iron Ingots which are created by smelting 4x Iron Ore in a Smelter, which you can easily find in a settlement, alongside other buildings such as woodshop, forge, and the stonecutting table.

Finally, the Minor Rule of Holding is only available in a Faction shop. You need to be at least level 10 to join a faction. Once you’re in, you will have to start completing Faction quests that grant Faction Tokens and other rewards. The Minor Rule of Holding costs 250 Gold in New World and 1,000 Faction Tokens.

It does not matter which Faction as all of them have the same items, except cosmetics. Once you have everything, take them to the Outfitting Station to craft your bag.

How to create bigger bags?

Want to carry even more items? Leveling up to levels 30 and 45 unlocks bigger and better bags, such as:

Rugged Leather Adventurer’s Satchel

  • Armorsmithing Level 50 required
  • Perks: 2
  • Encumbrance: +180
  • 10x Eisenberg
  • 25x Linen
  • 45x Raues Leather
  • 1x Major Rune of Holding (500 Gold & 3,000 Tokens)

Layered Leather Adventurer’s Satchel

  • Armorsmithing Level 100 required
  • Perks: +3
  • Encumbrance: +265
  • 10x Iron Ingot
  • 25x Linen
  • 45x Layered Leather
  • 1x Greater Rune of Holding (1,000 Gold & 5,000 Tokens)

Infused Leather Adventurer’s Satchel

  • Armorsmithing level 150 required
  • Perks: +3
  • Encumbrance: +360
  • 10x Iron Ingot
  • 25x Linen
  • 45x Infused Leather
  • 1x Grand Rune of Holding (1,500 Gold & 7,500 Tokens)

Bags are always high in demand at Trading Posts. New World is relatively new, which means more and more players are pouring in every day. So, if you have extra resources, simply craft a few more and sell them to other players.

How to increase storage size in New World?

In addition to your bag, you also have a ‘Storage’ that increases with your standing. It’s like an extension of your storage because workstations can pull your resources directly from this storage. You don’t have to carry the resources on yourself all the time.

increse your inventory size - New World Guide

Parting thoughts

New World offers tons of powerful items that you can use to make your character even more powerful. Hopefully, this guide has helped in your question how to increse your inventory size. Good Luck!

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