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WotLK News – 50% XP Boost, LFG and more

50% XP Boost in the Beta

Regarding the release of Wrath of the Lich King and the upcoming pre-patch, there was some news. We’ll start with the 50% XP boost. In a few weeks there will be a bonus XP buff with 50% extra XP. This will probably be something like the Season of Mastery buff and is great for playing up twinks. It will remain until the release of WotLK and it is announced for the coming weeks.


Character transfer after 90 days will not necessarily come

The second WotLK news, which has been known for a bit longer, is the fresh servers. There will be new servers for Wrath of the Lich King, where everyone has to start completely new. This is especially interesting for new players who will start completely new with WotLK, because there will be a completely new economy on the servers. There was some irritation because of a line in the announcement that said, that for at least 90 days, no transfers are allowed on these servers. Character transfers to fresh servers would of course be completely pointless.

In the Blizzard forum, the community manager has reported that this will not necessarily be possible even after these 90 days. So Blizzard leaves it open when and if character transfers will be implemented. Nevertheless, this is a great thing for people who want to start fresh and start Wrath of the Lich King with a completely fresh economy and characters at the same level.


The new Dungeon Finder

Let’s move on to the last WotLK news, the dungeon finder. There has been a lot of discussion about it. Some want it, others don’t want it at all. Blizzard caused a big surprise when it was mentioned in the announcement that the Dungeon Finder would be left out. With the new news, they introduced the new Dungeon Finder. This will be very similar to the one in WotLK, the only difference will be, that groups won’t be automatically set to each other. The best way to compare it is with the current Dungeon Finder in Retail.

These are almost identical and there still has to be social interaction between the players. You can put the setup together yourself and you still have to write with each other. So Blizzard has tried to make the best of the situation, because this way the social interaction is not lost, but you still have a tool that’s better than staring at the trade chat or the LFG board.

WotLK new dungeon Finder

Pull up with level 70s no longer possible

The last big WotLK news is that boosting will be abolished on the official servers. With a very small but effective change, boosting becomes ineffective. If you try to boost a level 20 with a 70 Char, the level 20 Char won’t get as much XP as before.

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