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WoW – The Story of the Scourge

The Scourge was sent to fight the nations of Azeroth as the unbeatable army. In the battle, the nations joined together to fight against this threat. But do you actually know that the Scourge was actually a weapon of the Burning Legion? And that this was just a distraction to weaken the peoples of Azeroth and facilitate the invasion of the Demon Lord Archimonde’s army? In this post you’ll learn everything else about the history of the Scourge in WoW, including things you didn’t know before.

WoW story of The Scourge


The most important facts about The Scourge

What is the actual race of the Scourge and who are its followers? We will briefly list these and other facts.


The members of the Scourge belong to the most diverse races and have one thing in common. They are all undead. Whether ghouls, insects or monstrosities, the plague to undeath resurrected them as undead after their death. Leaders and commanders, on the other hand, are often alive, such as the members of the Cult of the Damned.


Inside there is a clear hierarchy and structure. The leader is the Lich King. Directly subordinate to him until his downfall in Naxxramas was the lich Kel’thuzad. He had a great power of command. He dealt with the “lower problems”. Subordinate to him were banshees, other lichs and necromancers, each of whom controlled a smaller force.


The commanders love it when someone looks up to them. Thus, there are numerous “fan clubs” of living followers of the undead, who worship and idealize them. The Cult of the Damned is the most notable of these. Some of the powerful necromancers of this cult-like community also held surprisingly powerful positions within the Scourge.

Social Structure

Only commanders and leaders can act independently and give commands. The soldiers, on the other hand, are headless zombies. If they get out of range of a commander, they attack everything and everyone uncontrollably.


The rulers of the Scourge loved it pompous and gloomy. Even Naxxramas and Castle Shadowfang gave a hint that creatures with a flair for the morbid lived here. What literally crowned the construction of this people was the building of Icecrown Citadel. Built on the largest glacier in Azeroth, this was the home of the Lich King. The footfolk remain at the door.


Followers and members can be found almost anywhere in Azeroth. It would probably far more difficult to pinpoint where they can’t be found. Hotspots include the Western and Eastern Plaguelands, as well as Icecrown.


As far as you can speak of a mind at all with will-less undead slaves? They are controlled only by a single desire, on the instruction to kill. The desire of the Lich King to make all cities and peoples his own had probably transferred to his followers.

The entire story of the Scourge

The story is closely related to that of Arthas. As the leader and founder of the undead army, they act only under his command. Originally created by the Burning Legion, the will-less forces were created to unleash an unbeatable army against the peoples of Azeroth.

In the service of the Legion

The Burning Legion, led by the demon Kil’jaeden, failed miserably in the first war against the humans. The reason for this, in his opinion, was the still existing free will of the orcs. They were fighting on the side of the Legion at the time. To finally conquer Azeroth, there was only one option. He had to create a will-less army of undead that would follow their commander without any will. Kil’jaeden then captured the powerful orcish warlock Ner’zhul and tortured him to death. However, he kept his spirit alive. Unable to withstand the torture, Nerzhul swore to serve the Burning Legion.

Banishment to the Ice

Kil’jaeden banished Ner’zhul’s spirit in an icy crystal and brought it to Northrend. Ner’zhul had gigantic magical powers. However, he could not escape from his prison and was bent to Kil’jaeden’s will. Following Kil’jaeden’s will, the Lich King corrupted the first inhabitants of Northrend and sent them to war. He consumed the souls of those who fell in battle and then resurrected them as undead warriors. However, these poor souls were the first members of the Scourge. Ner’zhul’s frosty throne also spread the plague of undeath, which contaminated all beings in the area. After only a short time, all of Northrend was enslaved by him.

All of North End?

No, the Nerubian kingdom, hidden underground, resisted. However, the following war of the spiders did not end in favor of the Nerubians after ten years. As a result, all the Nerubians were destroyed, only to be reawakened. Among them was their powerful leader Anub’arak. Once the Scourge could no longer find a serious opponent in Northrend, they launched an attack on Azeroth. In the process, the Plague of Undeath was unleashed on the cities and villages. The infected people in the affected regions died, only to be resurrected a short time later as new members of the Scourge.

The separation of the armies

Artha’s hatred for the Scourge worked in the Lich King’s favor. On his way to Northrend, he came across the powerful but cursed sword Frostmourne. In the process, he took this sword to himself. Seduced by the demonic powers, Arthas lost more and more control over himself and finally became a powerful death knight. Instead of protecting his people from the Scourge, he turned against his people. In the process, he invaded Lordaeron with an army of undead. He then attacked the elven kingdom of Quel’Thalas, opening a gateway to Azeroth for Archimonde.

Even the powerful elves did not have much to oppose the onslaught. In the end, Silvermoon fell and the undead army won the battle. Dalaran was then destroyed by Archimonde and his army. Most of the Scourge and Kel’Thuzad, after this victory, were busy opening a second portal to Azeroth for the straggling Demons of the Burning Legion.

Battle for the Frost Throne

Since Kil’jaeden could not reach Azeroth without a portal, he ordered his subordinate Illidan to destroy the Lich King. In the process, the Lich’s powers became weaker and weaker. He lost control over parts of the Scourge in Lordaeron and Silvermoon. Exactly those undead that appear today as Horde faction and playable race in WoW. To prevent a complete crushing and thus defeat, he ordered his strongest death knight Arthas to Northrend. There he met Illidan and both fought. Arthas won this fight and took the reigns. Thus the new Lich King was born.

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