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PoE – Things to know before starting playing Path of Exile

In this Article, we list you 9 things you should know when playing Path of Exile.


Capping your resistances

A lot of games don’t assume that you’ll have a lot of resists or make the game very incredibly easy early on, path of exile does not do this. In path of exile you’re basically very early expected to get 75 rest early on, you can clear pretty much everything in the game with -60 and the number one tip I have for capping your resists early is remember you can use your crafting bench for white gear.


The order of the gems doesn’t matter

It doesn’t matter if your fireball is in your weapon, it can be in your chest, it can be in your shoe and it doesn’t need to be the first gem there it can be the third or second.


UI options

Having a health bar above your head, always showing the health bar and also making your mini map look clear and really nice.


Chests and trunks are a waste of time

Chests and trunks are pretty much useless. Now sometimes you’ll get someone saying “open your chest”. Dont do it, you actually should never open all your chests because it is an insane time sink and efficiency in PoE is very important. The only time you should open chest is in maps with really good divination cards.


Most uniques are not good

The vast majority of uniques in Path of Exile are useless. Now if you’re playing solo self found, it is great to hord you uniques to put them in your unique tab. But generally they are not worth a lot so it’ll be very exciting when you first drop some uniques, but generally rare items are the true uniques of Path of Exile.

Path of Exile archnemesis

Flasks are super important

Flasks are the number one most important thing. It is the single most important thing I see new players mess up. They’re just incredibly strong.


Instances reset

Instances reset if you’re gone too long. Sometimes you’ll go in a map, go back up, maybe do some trades and the instance can fully crash. Sometimes even while the portals are still open. Generally it’s only last between 7 to 15 minutes, so don’t stay out of your map too long.


Vendor recipes

Vendor recipes are incredibly important in PoE. If you take a blue wand, one alteration and a white blue or a rare topas sapphire or ruby ring that’ll give you flat out damage, which is huge for the early game. You literally will not believe how much damage this will add early on on the character.


Avoid Backtracking

And last but not least, no backtracking. Backtracking is honestly the biggest thing for survivability, and very often a large amount of deaths is because of backtracking. So if you’re able to just walk forward in a fight, make circles around the boss, you ideally never want to backtrack. Bosses don’t have predictive tracking at all. That’s definitely coming because there is one boss in the game that does have predicted tracking and that is Hailrake.


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