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FIFA23 – all leaks and rumors

Today we’ll be checking out all the suspected FIFA23 leaks. This is a massive year for all football fans. It’s a World Cup year, so there will be big changes in FIFA 23 for sure. There has been so many things around the internet that have been talked about over the past days that FIFA 23 is going to be a big and a massive year for all of us football fans. Anything that is mentioned in this article is pure suspected leaks and nothing is confirmed from EA side.

fifa23 leaks and rumors



FIFA 23 will be a defining game when it comes to changing the space of cross platform gaming this year. We can expect the game to be Crossplatform because we know that EA is testing Crossplatform possibilities in the near future. According to a reliable source called DonkTrading, crossplay on FIFA 23 may be available to players on the next gen versions of FIFA 23. This means that if you are planning to purchase Fifa 23 on Xbox One or PS 4, Cross play may not be available. PS 5, Xbox Series S, PC and Stadia may all have Crossplay in FIFA 23, meaning that players from all these platforms will be able to play against each other.

Another feature that could be in this game is that it could be implemented in every game mode. That means that Online Seasons, Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs, Walter and even Career Mode and Online Friendlies could all feature Crossplay on the next gen versions of FIFA 23. With Ultimate Team also in that list rather having a full transfer market separately for each and every console, we might see a common transfer market for every platform which is going to spice things up. The final leaked feature of Crossplay is that it can be turned on and off from the settings of the game.


New Career Mode features

The second possible leak that has a high chance of being true is Online Career Mode. Leaker claim that FIFA 23 will include new Career mode features, but online career Mode is in development for EA Sports FC. The leaker claims that Career Mode in FIFA 23 will feature some new managing mechanics like talking to the players before the match, during the halftime, as well as some new negotiation and transfer interactive cutscenes. And also the source believes that Youth Academy will receive new updates and improvements in FIFA 23. Despite these new features. The source claims that EA sports is pushing the launch of Online Career Mode to the next iteration in the cities, which would be EA Sports FC 24.


World Cup mode

The third of the FIFA23 leaks that is 99% confirmed is that we will see a World Cup mode this year. Despite FIFA losing the license with EA. They can still release a World Cup mode this year. One of the most exciting things about World Cup FIFA Mode is the prospect of a spin off World Cup Ultimate Team. Functioning the same amount as normal FIFA Ultimate Team. The World Cup mode provides links to players through nationality and continent, allowing you to build weird and wonderful squats.

fifa23 worldcup mode


Position modifiers

The next FIFA23 leaks that could be true about the next year edition of FIFA is that the position modifiers are not going to be a thing in the game anymore. According to a renowned leak of FIFA foot Sheriff, this system will receive a major rework in FIFA 23. It seems that EA could be moving away with a set path in the favor of a more realistic approach. There’s no specific position modifiers in the game. Every player has a primary position and most of them have a secondary position. You will be able to change players to those positions on FIFA 23. No more specific position modifier. It will be a generic one as you can change the player’s position to an alternate position. This will completely change everything the way we build squads. To be honest, it has been very late when it comes to changing the players position in the game. People have been making CDMs as their strikers for chemistry for so many years and we have all played as a player in LF or RF position in a striker position. So it’s about time to change that.


Free to play

Another major FIFA23 leaks for these days is that FIFA 23 might be even free to play, which is going to change the whole gaming space forever. This seems logical to do since FIFA is going to be renamed next year and this year is also the World Cup Year. So getting as many players as possible hooked to the game before other games like UFL and E-football grab any sort of attention, since the other games are also free to play games. Plus EA has also a big hold in the market when it comes to revenue from Ultimate Team. The packs create billions of dollars every year and it should be enough to support the game forever. Keeping mind that the game will be free to play, the revenue from the packs will go through the roof.

There have been rumors that only FIFA Ultimate Team will be able to be free to play in the future, and other gamer modes like Pro clubs and career Mode that EA spends time to develop solely depends on the revenue of the game sales, will still be paid. We don’t know what will happen in this department and we can only speculate the future as all the leaks around us might be true or false, who knows?


New Clubs

Talking about the new clubs that will be inside FIFA 23. FC Andorra, which has promoted itself to the Segunda division of the Spanish League will be inside the game. Checking over another club in England that is Stockport County FC and also there will be a club called Grimsby Town that has also promoted itself. So these are the new clubs that will be featured inside FIFA 23. And the club that is removed from FIFA 23 is FC Bordeaux. You might know them from the French League. They got relegated to the third division of the French League because of some cash problems they had, and now they are removed from the game because the game doesn’t have the third division of the French League.


Release date

Talking about the release date of the game or the reveals regarding the game, the reveal never came in June, so it ist expected that it will be revealed in July. EA has stated that the studio will not have an EA play event this year and instead they’ll reviele the games when they are ready. A possible date could be September 28th.


New Substitution rules

There will also be some changes according to substitution rules. Since the five substitution rule is now active in most leagues, and this rule was also added in FIFA Online four. So you could see this rule coming into the game very easily. I don’t think people will be making that many substitutions inside FIFA ultimately team. However, if this comes in the game, it’s definitely going to help people inside career mode to save Stamina over the weeks of their career mode.


Anyways, these were all the FIFA23 leaks that I could collect. All the news that were flashing around for FIFA 23 and we will keep you guys updated on whatever we get in the near future.

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