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New World leveling guide – boost up your level quickly in New World – Leveling your Character to 60

How do you level up fast in New World?

Leveling up in any game can be a difficult and time taking task, but it is a lot tougher in the New World. Even though many exciting missions can also be accessed on a higher level, you will have to put in a lot of your effort and time to get to that higher level in New World. Many professional players tend to level up their games quickly so that they can go on PvE expedition missions to farm high-tier loot drops or to have an edge while participating in a PvP faction war. New World features three different leveling systems that work simultaneously to increase your overall rank. One of the leveling systems depends upon your base character’s stats, the second one is dependent on weapon skills, while the third and the last one depends upon trade skills.

Now that you have obtained a relatively stable server, we can help you gain XPs in New World that will ultimately level up your character, trade, and weapon skills. By doing this, you will explore the first MMO’s raids, referred to as expeditions in the game. Read the exceptional guide given below to raise your level quickly in New World;

Tips to Level Up Quickly in New World

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you quickly level up your rank in New World. Moreover, you can practice these tips whenever you want in your New World play through to get the New World Amrine Excavation,

●       Log off in a settlement.

If you log off in a settlement, you will receive bonus XP gains for your resting time.

New World Leveling Guide

●       Complete Town Project Board quests

Undoubtedly, the quests found in Town Project Boards are the easiest way to gain XPs in New World. The quests are not always as complicated as you can accomplish them even through buying some items found in the auction shop of the town.

●       Double the reward through the first three faction missions

The first three faction missions that you complete daily reward double XPs. You can benefit from this reward by completing the faction missions with more excellent base XPs.

●       Build up your town standing

By building up your town standing and increasing the amount of XP in that area, you can boost your XP and get a bonus whenever you complete a quest there and gain a higher level in New World.

●       Attack other players

A lot of professional players attack and hit other players to get some quick bonus XPS. In the New World, the player or group of players involved in an enemy’s death, total XP amount. This means that you will not have to split the amount and have the whole XP bonus to yourself.

●       Complete side quests

Along with the main quests, try to pick up and accomplish side quests that can be completed along the way. This will effectively help you increase your XP.

●       Fast travel

To speed up your game, try to fast travel as much as you can. Although fast traveling requires a tiny amount of Azoths that you can quickly get as a reward from completing quests.

New World Leveling Guide

●       Try to take as many quests as possible from your route

Usually, you can find up to twelve town missions at a time. Try to take as many quests as possible on the way you have to go and in the nearby areas. By doing, you will save your time and get plenty of XPs, coins, and a settlement reputation.


Reaching Level 60 in New World

Calculating time to reach this particular level of 60 in the New World is not very easy. Also, one can never tell that how long it will take for you to reach level 60. Moreover, not many people have managed to get this high level in the retail version of this game. But with the first few days into retail availability and earlier beta periods, it has been suggested that it takes almost 100-200 hours on average to reach level 60. It is entirely dependent on your gaming style and efficiency.

However, this time estimate is more than likely of an average or slow player, and it is possible that a professional player doesn’t take as much time as leveling. But even then, it is impossible to reach the level cap in less than fifty hours of the game. Once the player has reached the level cap, it gets interesting to see how quickly they can escalate their levels.


Strategies to Level Up Quickly in New World

Below we have listed some practical strategies that will efficiently help you level up your game in the fastest way possible. Mainly when you use these strategies with the tips mentioned above, you will rank up your levels more swiftly. Keep in mind that some of the activities and XP farms discussed below will not work for you if your character has not reached a certain level.

1.      Prioritize and Accomplish the Main Story Quests

In the early game, accomplishing the main story quests is the easiest way to level up quickly. Even though most of these quests are pretty easy to complete, they can help you get substantial XP rewards. Therefore, we recommend you prioritize your main story quests until you have completed them all. It is also necessary to do some side quests as well to cope up with the level requirements.

2.      Complete Town Project Quests

It is always recommended to pick on various Town Project quests in each territory settlement. These quests provide a lot of XP gains and provide you with a good amount of territory standing that, in return, improve your XP gains in that particular area. Also, make sure that you choose easy quests and don’t take much of your time and effort. Such easy quests include assassination and exploration quests. You should avoid taking quests like hunting and delivering.

3.      Accomplish faction missions regularly

Once you have reached level 10, you will join one of the three New World Factions. Now will be the time that you start taking and completing the faction missions regularly. These missions are available at your faction’s representative present in each settlement. In terms of XP, PvE quests might be less rewarding than the town board quests, but they are beneficial in ranking the faction. An increase in faction rank will get you faction tokens that are pretty useful for buying helpful gear. No Doubt PvP faction quests provide you with an exceptional amount of XP, but they are riskier as they will finish once you die to other players.

4.      Level up your skill

Along with accomplishing various quests and missions, you will have to level up your skill along the way if you want to gain more character XP. With high skill levels in specific trades, you can make the whole leveling process a lot faster. One of the most valuable skills is harvesting, as it can really help with your game’s leveling up procedure.

5.      Run Expeditions

Once you have reached level 25, you should start running expeditions as soon as you can. Running expeditions offer a variety of benefits, including fantastic gear upgrades and the most reliable source of gaining XPs New World. Undoubtedly, the expeditions and the game quests associated with them are some of the game’s most authentic and trustworthy sources of XPs. Along with the expedition runs, you will have to complete other quests to boost your leveling speed. While running expeditions, try to play in groups as it is easier to survive the high-level areas and enable you to run more expeditions.

New World Leveling Guide


As many of the exciting quests are assigned at higher levels, many players get anxious to reach particular levels. You can adopt various strategies to speed up the whole leveling process and perform some quick tips to get small XP gains every now and then. Level 60 in New World excites many players as it comes with exciting and promising quests and rewards. To help you in your whole leveling process, we have guided you appropriately on all the practical strategies and quick tips mentioned above. Now, it is your turn to perform and get those levels up.

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