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Selling Stuff in New World – Where is the Vendor NPC?

If you want to sell items in New World, it will be a difficult task. There is no vendor NPC like in other classic MMORPGs. In this article we will describe what you can do instead to sell your items in New World.

Where do you sell junk items in New World?

There is no Vendor NPC in New World. You need to find a player who is willing to buy your junk items. You can also sell them in the Trading post, but don’t expect big amounts of Gold for Junk Items.

How to salvage items in New World

You can salvage items for raw materials in New World. This will give you a chance to get rare items and resources while not spending too much money on it. You can also sell your salvaged stuff at the Trading Post for some Gold but remember junk items never worth too much!

How to use the New World Trading Post

You need to find a trading post in your settlement to sell items in New World. The Trading Post is the place where you can buy and sell goods with other players. You need to find a trading post for each settlement or use an NPC merchant who charges higher fees than normal selling prices!

New World - Trading Post

Open the trading post and sell your items. There are some limitations for selling, but you can always buy items if the trading post is available in your location! If you search for a specific item, you can use the advanced search menu. This will help you to find what you are looking for!

New World - Vendoring

The trading post in New World works similar like other classic MMORPGs. You need gold coins or special items called ‘bond’ to sell your goods. The Trading Post is also known as Auction House in some games – but don’t expect it to be as easy and user-friendly than in other MMORPGs!

Will there be a Vendor NPC soon?

We are not sure if there will be a Vendor NPC in New World. There is no information about this yet, but we hope that there will be at least an option to buy and sell items for Gold soon!


With the New World Trading Post, you can sell your unwanted items to other players for gold. If it’s junk, don’t worry! You’ll be able to salvage these items and turn them into crafting materials that you can use in building up your empire. We hope this blog post has helped equip you with some valuable information about how the New World Trading Post works and what kind of opportunities are available for those looking to make a profit from their unused goods. Have any questions? Let us know by leaving a comment below or contacting our customer service team. If you want to read more articles and guides, check out our other posts below!

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