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WoW Dragonflight and the return of the Mage Tower in 10.0.5

With the new patch 10.0.5, the Mage Tower, beloved by players, is finally coming back to Dragonflight. You can read all the important information about it here in this article.

WoW 10.0.5 Mage Tower

The new item-level scaling

As already known, there is a new item and gear scaling in Dragonflight. The equipment will be scaled down to ilvel 120. Unlike Legion, this time you can’t get a skin for your artifact weapons, but other rewards. Each class and each specialization can look forward to its own new Transmog items. These rewards are the set from the old raid “Tomb of Sargeras“. The special thing about it is that this set is now available in a different color through the Mage Tower.

Before you decide to run through the Mage Tower, make sure that you can only unlock the Transmog with the right class. So you can’t unlock the Gear for the Druid Healer as a Druid Tank. After completing all seven challenges, you will receive the “Soaring Spelltome” mount as a reward.

Where is the Mage Tower located in Dragonflight?

The Mage Tower is still located in the same region as in Legion, in the Broken Shore. The easiest way to get there is through the portal to Dalaran. From there, you will need to head east to reach the Broken Shore. This is located below Dalaran. However, the way there is much easier with a flight mount.

When you arrive at the Broken Shore, you have to talk to War Councilor Victoria. She will start the event and teleport you directly to the Mage Tower.

When will patch 10.0.5 be released?

Patch 10.0.5 was released on January 25, 2023. This means that from now on, all WoW Dragonflight players can take on the Mage Tower challenge again. However, it should be noted that there is currently no challenge for the new class of the Evoker. It is still unclear whether Blizzard will subsequently publish a new challenge for this class.

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