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WoW WOTLK Classic Leveling Guide

After the successful releases of Classic and Classic TBC, there will now also be a WOTLK Classic expansion on September 26.  Many fans of WoW WOTLK are already looking forward to traveling Northrend again.

Among other things, reaching the maximum level can be a difficult task that many players have to master. There are ways to make the path much easier. However, while power leveling, you should not forget to enjoy the beautiful places of the landscapes in WOTLK Classic.

In this WOTLK Classic leveling guide, we’ll show you the best way to level up to the maximum level of 80 and give you some more helpful tips along the way.

WoW WOTLK Leveling Guide

Which class is best for leveling in WOTLK Classic?

Below we have created a tier list that should show you which class will allow you to reach the highest level the fastest. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t make your decision on which class to play based on this alone. The most important thing is that you enjoy the class and that you can enjoy the game.





Hunter, Warlock


Rogue, Mage, Druid


Paladin, Warrior, Priest




  • Deathknight: Starts already at level 55. Its main feature is the strong damage it can deal. In our opinion, this is the class that will let you level up the fastest in WOTLK.
  • Hunter and Warlock: Your companions prove to be very helpful. They deal a lot of damage and are especially good for dungeon runs.
  • Rogue: Stands out for its top-notch single-target damage. Battle Rogues have one of the strongest single target DPS in the entire game. Very strong even without good gear.
  • Mage: First Class Single Damage. Once a Fire Mage starts scaling, it has one of the highest single damage available.
  • Druid: A very adaptable class due to its different shapes. Is useful in dungeons.
  • Paladin: Not a bad choice. You can level up at normal speed with it. As a tank, you can also score well in dungeons.
  • Warrior: Questing can be difficult with this class. In dungeons as a tank, however, it can be very useful.
  • Priest: Unfortunately, the class is not the most mobile and has problems surviving. However, can be very good in duo.
  • Shaman: Without Gear a difficult class to play during the leveling process, since its damage is rather low. It is recommended to play the Elemental Shami until level 40 and then switch to the Enchanter.

WoW WOTLK Classic 1-70 Level Guide

Alliance and Horde level areas

Below we have listed the leveling areas for the Alliance and Horde. We recommend that you follow this order to make it as easy as possible for you to level up.


You should always remember that you don’t have to complete all quests in a starting area. You can also simply cancel difficult quests and move on to the next ones, or when you reach the appropriate level, you can simply move on to the next area.



Eastern Kingdoms

Durotar 1-12

Dun Morogh 1-12

Mulgore 1-12

Elwynn Forest 1-12

Teldrassil 1-12

Tirisfal 1-12

Ghostlands 12-19

Westfall 13-19

The Barrens 20-24

Redridge 20-24

Stonetalone Mountains25-29

Duskwood 25-29

Thousand Needles 30-34

Southshore 30-34

Stranglethorn Vale 35-39

Stranglethorn Vale 35-39

Dustwallow Marsh 40-44

Dustwallow Marsh 40-44

Stranglethorn Vale 45-49

Swamp of Sorrows 45-49

Hinterlands 50-54

Searing Gorge 50-54

Un'goro Crater 55-58

Un'goro Crater 55-58

Hellfire Peninsula 58-61

Hellfire Peninsula 58-61

Zangarmarsh 62-63

Zangarmarsh 62-63

Terokkar Forest 64-65

Terokkar Forest 64-65

Nagrand 66-67

Nagrand 66-67

Blade's Edge 67-68

Blade's Edge 67-68


WoW WOTLK Classic 68-80 Level Guide

Below we’ll show you where you should level up in WOTLK Classic. The expansion is quite large and it will take you some time to level up, so we recommend that you not only level up by questing, but combine the leveling process with dungeon runs.


Borean Tundra 68-70

Howling Fjord 71-72

Dragonblight 73-74

Grizzly Hills 75-76

Zul'Drak 76-77

Sholazar Basin 78

Storm Peaks 79-80



WoW WOTLK Classic Dungeon Level Guide

Power leveling through dungeon runs can be recommended if you have a 5-man party that can do many runs in a row and is strong enough for the challenge.

Dungeon boosting is a very good way to level up, but soloing can sometimes be better in certain level areas. We recommend that you also go questing from time to time, as this will also give you the variety you need.


Utgarde Keep 69-72

Nexus 69-73

Azjol-Nerub 72-74

Ahn'Kahet The Old Kingdom 73-75

Dark'Tharon Keep 74-76

Violet Hold 75-77

Gundrak 76-78

Halls of Stone 77-79

Halls of Lightning 78-80

The Culling of Strathole 78-80

The Oculus 79-80

Utgarde Pinnacle 79-80


If you need more help with leveling, you can check out our level Boost offers. If you have any questions, we are always available for live chat.

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