TemTem 1.0 Release

TemTem is a Catcher-Battler has been garnering significant attention as one of very few challengers to Pokémon games, a well-tested formula rarely successful. The game was announced in early 2008, launching an early access version on Steam in 2020. Finally, the day is near when we will see the 1.0…

WOTLK Classic First Aid Guide

Today’s guide will discuss the First Aid Profession that can save you and your team’s lives in dangerous situations like Dungeons, Raids, Leveling, Battlegrounds, etc. Though the profession is somewhat forgotten and not mastered in most cases, WOTLK Classic has made it viable again. Let’s discuss in detail why it…

WOTLK Classic Blacksmithing Guide

Professions in World of Warcraft add crafting skills to your heroes, complementing different classes differently. For example, Alchemy allows you to make powerful potions and enhances your buff duration from them. Blacksmithing allows you to craft powerful gear while being the only profession that can add sockets into their gear….