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WotLK Classic Mining Guide

WotLK Classic Mining Guide


Wrath of the Lick King Classic Mining is an engaging quest from one of the two main gathering professions involved in extended WotLK gameplay. Players need to learn how they can accumulate materials from mineral nodes in raids, dungeons, Outland, Northrend and Azeroth zones. These gathered materials are necessary for players working in different crafting professions such as Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting and Engineering. However, all the assets from Mining can become standardized and beneficial with Skinning or Herbalism without moving through crafting sides.

The steps of Mining and Leveling are crucial enough to make up your mark. Our WotLK classic mining leveling guide helps to pave your path in the long run. This mining guide covers steps from initial to advanced Mining skills, including well-matched professions, finding trainers, tracing nodes in WotLK Classic, differences between WotLK Classic and TBC Classic, and routes guidance to level Mining. Now, let’s dive right into the guide.


Mining in WoW WotLK Classic is a primary profession for players in which they accumulate mineral nodes. Players can find these materials from different regions, raids and dungeons, which can be used in Blacksmithing, Engineering or Jewelcrafting. However, the Find Minerals tracking ability enables players to locate specific quest items and mineral nodes on the minimap.


  • Gatherer: It is an essential addon for treasure hunters, Herbalists and Miners that helps them to find the closest treasure locations, plants and deposits on the minimap.
  • Tracking Switcher: Useful addon for players who have chosen both Herbalism and Mining professions to allow them to swap between Find Herb and Find Minerals every 2 seconds.



The Mining primarily pairs with a crafting profession such as Blacksmithing, Engineering, or Jewelcrafting. These WoW WotLK professions utilize the Smelting process for metal bar crafting in WoW WotLK Classic game. While Jewelcrafters can use the Prospecting method for extraction of gems from ores.

However, it is certainly possible to earn more money through gathering and farming by level two gathering professions rather than those crafting professions mentioned above. When you need a double gathering mechanism, Skinning could be the most preferable option since only one tracking side will be active. If you stuck and need help with your professions, feel free to check out our profession boost services.


Players of opposing factions or corny hostile creatures near ore deposits can often interfere with you on heavily populated servers where there is a clash between factions. Therefore, you should ponder over these best classes to accumulate ores in the Classic Wrath of the Lich King game.

  • Mage has a Polymorph.
  • Warlocks have a pet and Fear.
  • Hunter has a pet and Feign Death.
  • Rogue has Sap, Blind, Vanish and Stealth.
  • Druid has Prowl, but they are not able to mine in Flight Form and Travel Form (whereas these forms allow them to pick skin and herbs).


WotLK enables you to thoroughly loot a mineral node in just one tap, unlike the Classic expansions, where you had to tap multiple times.

According to the level of the Mining profession, the player receives a passive stamina buff called Toughness.

Have a glance at the Toughness of six ranks based on the Mining level:

  • Rank 1: Player gets 3 Stamina at 75 Mining Skill.
  • Rank 2: Player gets 5 Stamina at 150 Mining Skill.
  • Rank 3: Player gets 7 Stamina at 225 Mining Skill.
  • Rank 4: Player gets 10 Stamina at 300 Mining Skill.
  • Rank 5: Player gets 30 Stamina at 375 Mining Skill.
  • Rank 6: Player gets 60 Stamina at 450 Mining Skill.


These are three valuable ores that appear in Wrath of the Lich King Classic:

Titanium Ore is the most precious ore in WotLK, as the Titanium Bars are super useful in advanced Engineering, Jewelcrafting and Blacksmithing methods. However, Titanium Ore is the primary component for crafting Titansteel Bar, as it has Smelt Titansteel ability with a 20-hour cooldown duration.

Titansteel Bar is also helpful in Mekgineer’s Chopper/Mechano-hog Engineering mounts. It’s also a primary component in the Enchanting formula. (Formula: Enchant Weapon – Blade Ward)


Following is a list of locations of the Mining trainers from Journeyman to Grand Master in WotLK Classic, categorized by Alliance, Horde, and Neutral Trainers.


Journeyman Mining – Artisan Mining (1-300):

Artisan Mining – Master Mining (300-375):

Master Mining – Grand Master Mining (375-450):


Journeyman Mining – Artisan Mining (1-300):

Artisan Mining – Master Mining (300-375):

  • Krugosh, Thrallmar, Hellfire Peninsula.

Master Mining – Grand Master Mining (375-450):


Depending on how much time you want to devote and the amount of “extra” gold you have, you will have two options for WotLK Classic leveling mining.

The first way is to buy ore from open word farming and the auction to mix leveling. In the open world, the mining skill can be leveled up to 270 without gathering and then to 450 with open world gathering.

The first thing to level up your mining is to buy ores and melt them into bars. You won’t be able to reach level 375 just by melting ores, but you will be able to get around 270 before you have to go to open world and thumb a bit of hour and then melt these to continue leveling, but overall, you will save around 5 to 7 hours doing this.

Note: Remember about Mining Pick and little working mining bags such as Mammoth Mining Bag and Reinforced Mining Bag.


Gathering in the open world is the second best option. These are preferable routes for players to achieve some specific milestones.

alliance: LEVELING 1 – 65

Here your intent is to find Copper Vein nodes in these zones:

  • The best route for human players is Elwynn Forest.
  • Night Elf player should go to Darkshore zone to start mining;


  • Tirisfal Glades zone is preferable for Unread players to start mining.
  • Durotar is an ideal zone for Troll and Orc players to begin mining.

Communicate with a Mining Trainer to learn Journeyman Mining once you have reached 50/75 skill.

LEVELING 65 – 125

For leveling range 65 to 125, you will need to find Silver Vein and Tin Vein nodes in these zones:

  • Barrens is a quite large zone, having a lot of Tin Vein nodes.
  • Hillsbrad Foothills zone and its mines, caves and borders have a high number of Tin Vein spawns.
  • Duskwood zone has excessive Tin Vein nodes at its borders and in mines/caves.
  • Redridge Mountains zone is a vast farm of Tin Vein spawns, but you will be able to find them in the northwestern side.

Learn Expert Mining from a Mining Trainer after reaching 125/150 skill.

LEVELING 125 – 175

Here you need to accumulate Gold Vein and Iron Deposit nodes in these zones:

  • A significant number of nodes spawn can be found in the Badlands zone, around the bluffs, and at its borders.
  • Caves with dense spawns can be found in the Arathi Highlands, and zone borders will also please you.
  • There are many dense caves and ridges in the Alterac Mountains, and the Ruins of Alterac are among the most lucrative spots.
  • Stranglethorn Vale zone has various caves with plenty of node spawns, usually found on the troll ruins. While the north and northeast areas of Booty Bay are also lucrative.

LEVELING 175 – 250

For leveling from 175 to 250, you will have to focus on Truesilver Deposit and Mithril Deposit nodes across the Azeroth:

  • Hinterlands zone has tons of node spawns on the cliffs and borders spots.
  • Tanaris region is quite lucrative to find node spawns even its borders are fairly dense with Mithril spawns. While they can also be found in Noxious Lair caves, Dunemaul Compound caves and Gaping Chasm caves.
  • Badlands zone looks like the Iron route and is located on the west side, while Mithril Deposit can be found on the eastern side. You can also move through the Dustbelch Grotto.

Speak with a Mining Trainer to learn Artisan Mining once you have reached the 200/225 skill level.

LEVELING 250 – 300

For this leveling range, you have to find Rich Thorium Vein and Small Thorium Vein nodes from these zones:

  • Un’Goro Crater zone comprises both Rich and Small nodes, and even the Fire Plume Ridge area is enriched with Rich Thorium nodes.
  • Winterspring zone is one of the richest areas to accumulate Thorium nodes even zone’s borders are considerable. There are a lot of caves having a decent amount of node spawns.
  • Silithus zone is a worth-visiting area to collect a massive amount of Thorium nodes even along the borders. Here you can also unleash huge Silithid hives.
  • Move to ziggurat and scar areas in the Eastern Plaguelands zone to find node spawns.

LEVELING 300 – 350/375

  • Nagrand is an enriched region of Adamantite Deposit and Rich Adamantite Deposit.
  • Shadowmoon Valley is a similar region to Nagrand but with less deposits.
  • To reach at least 325 mining skill level, head to the Hellfire Peninsula zone and mine Fel Iron Deposit.
  • Zangarmarsh is the preferable zone for both farming ore and leveling mining by Adamantite Deposit and Fel Iron Deposit.

Note: Upon reaching 350 skill level, stop mining in Outland and start in Northrend.

Move to Northrend and learn Grand-Master Mining from a Mining Trainer after reaching 350/375 skill.

LEVELING 350/375 – 450

Start Classic WotLK Mining in the Northrend region after getting at least 350 skill level.

  • Borean Tundra (350-400) zone does not contain sufficient Cobalt Deposit nodes, but the map is slightly easier to navigate and you may farm at a higher pace than Howling Fjord.
  • Howling Fjord (350-400) has rich quantity of Cobalt Deposit to gather than the Borean Tundra zone, but it is a bit more challenging to traverse due to impediments in some areas.
  • Zul’Drak (400-430) zone makes Saronite Deposit accessible for you and could be an ideal region for leveling Mining after reaching a minimum of 400 skill. However, you can make it to 450 skill here with consistent effort.
  • Sholazar Basin (400-450) is best for leveling Mining as this zone is virtually enriched with mineral nodes.


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