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WotLK Classic: Death Knight solo heroic Guide

The Death Knight as a solo one-man army!

In this guide, we’ll show you how to clear Heroic dungeons with your Death Knight solo and get valuable treasures.

Do you recognize this? You’re standing in Dalaran and decide to visit an instance? Whether it’s to get a few emblems, pick up an item, or just to increase your gold bag. In order to simplify the search for other players as much as possible, you also ask in the trade chat. Unfortunately, you won’t find any players for your plan. This can be extremely frustrating. For this reason, we will show you in this guide how you can complete all heroic dungeons in WotLK Classic on your own, even without a group.

WoW WotLK Classic Death Knight Solo Heroic Dungeon Guide

Alone in the dark as a Death Knight (DK)

The wish to be solo in a dungeon is not only yours. For this reason, we will show you in this guide how you can solo all heroic dungeons with your death knight. With the ability to heal his companion, the Hunter leads the way. For example, a bear that can take a lot of damage can be turned into a tank with a few taunting skills. A Paladin also has great advantages when he’s alone on the road. When his health meter is running low, he simply uses his God Shield ability and then heals himself at his leisure.

And the Death Knight? Is he a solo class too? Oh, and how! The class forums on the Internet are full of videos of Death Knights soloing their way through Northern Heroic dungeons. If you’re thinking that’s impossible, you’re completely wrong. The Death Knight (DK) is actually the best solo class in WotLK.

The advantages of being a lone adventurer are obvious: no long waits for group members, because you take the role of the instance group in this case. You can clear out the enemies one by one without stress and hectic. Your gold bag will also be happy, because it will be filled with gold. All the killed enemies will be looted only by you. The trouble with the distribution of the loot is therefore absent. With a little luck, you can also collect rare mounts.



The requirement for the heroic solo death knight

To become a solo champion, you don’t need the highest item level! In this guide we will show you what exactly you need to solo all dungeons on heroic level as a death knight. The basic requirements for going solo are enough time, a lot of bravery, a death knight with reasonably good equipment and some gold. But this is already the point of the game. Which items does your character have to wear to stand a chance against these strong elite opponents? You definitely need tank equipment for this job. Because that’s the only way to deal with the damage that’s coming at you. In level 80 instances, you also need a defense stat of 535 to become immune to critical hits. It’s also essential to have a lot of health, which is increased by the stamina on your armor.

Practical stats are also dodge and parry rating. These stats are especially important, as they help you avoid damage from attacks altogether. Keep in mind, that you can’t get a 100% value on the dodge or parry stats. Therefore, you should not focus exclusively on the defensive stats. The damage you deal is just as important. The best way to do this is with a strong two-handed weapon.

Which Stats do I need?

To solo the heroic Northrend dungeons, you should already have epic gear with at least 535 defense rating and enough hit rating. Likewise, your Weapon skill should be above 20 so that you can hit the elite enemies often enough. For example, it’s especially annoying if you don’t get the necessary healing from your Death Strike ability because the enemy parries or even dodges your attacks. Together with the enchantment and the gems, the number of your health points should reach a minimum of 35,000. If you have less health, set your goals a bit lower and start with normal instances.

You already reach these values easily and tank bosses from raids without problems? That is already a good basis, but it still doesn’t make you into an undefeatable solo adventurer who can master every heroic instance. You have the basic requirements, but the talent distribution is also an important factor. In the next section of this WotLK Death Knight Solo Heroic Instances (Dungeon) Guide, we will show you what the right skill distribution looks like.

The right talents for the solo death knight on heroic

With a group, it is up to you whether you focus on a blood death knight or prefer an unholy way of playing. The playstyle presented here is not to be considered a “normal” playstyle, but something more special. As a solo death knight, you have to pay a lot of attention to the fact that even the talent distribution has to be adjusted to the special needs. Not only do you have to deal damage, but you also have to reduce damage. Thus, you can also never let the health bar out of your sight. A simple Runic Healing Potion is just a drop in the bucket for the massive damage you’re going to take.

As for your skill distribution, we therefore recommend many talents from the Blood talent tree, enriched with a combination of strong talents from the Unholy tree. In addition to your numerous self-healing abilities such as Rune Healing and Vampiric Blood, this alignment also offers many damage-increasing elements. These include your permanent companion the Ghoul. However, this is not meant to imply that other talent skills are inappropriate, but many of the blood skills simply provide the ability to self-heal. In addition, the ghoul will also bail you out from time to time, as long as you give him the right instructions. You can read about the skills you need to use with your death knight in the next section of this guide.

WoW Wrath of the Lich King WotLK Classic Solo Dungeon Guide Skill Tree

The abilities and how to use them properly

This Death Knight solo heroic instances (dungeons) guide also includes the different abilities you should use. Choosing the right presence often decides the outcome of the fights. You should not choose the blood presence or even the unholy variant. As a solo death knight, always choose the Frost Presence. This will give you more stamina, increase your armor value, and by investing two points in “Improved Blood Presence” you will keep the 4% healing.

Death Strike

As a solo fighter, say goodbye to Heart Strike as the main attack of the Blood Death Knight or Scourge Strike from the Unholy Death Knight. From now on, your main attack is called Death Strike. This ability is essential in solo play because it not only does damage, but also heals you. With “Improved Death Strike”, the healing you cast is even increased by 50 percent. However, the basic requirement is that you have spread your disease to the target.

Rune Healing

This is the only ability that lets you actively heal yourself with just one button. And not just barely! The Improved Rune Tap talent gives you 20% of your maximum health. And that every 30 seconds! Combined with the previously cast Vampiric Blood ability, the health bar is quickly replenished.

Vampiric Blood

This talent gives you 35% more healing from all sources for 10 seconds when you use it. With an appropriate glyph, you can even increase the effect to 15 seconds. Vampiric Blood should therefore be used as often as possible before abilities that increase your health, such as Rune Healing. Attention: The cooldown time is one minute. So, you can use this ability only before every second rune healing. However, your Death Strike ability and the Death Pact ability mentioned below, can also be combined very well with this ability. It also increases the healing of the bloodworms. If you activate Vampiric Blood before Rune Healing and then sacrifice your ghoul with Death Strike, you will regain almost 70% of your health.

Mark of Blood

This ability also restores your health points. For every hit you take, you get a small amount of health back. The effect lasts for 20 seconds or until you have taken 20 hits. It doesn’t matter if the damage is magical or physical. This ability is especially valuable against tough enemies or bosses.

Death Pact

In very tricky situations, when all abilities are on cooldown, you can use this ace. If you have little health left, don’t hesitate to use the Death Pact ability. By doing so, you sacrifice your ghoul. In return for the sacrifice, you get 40% of your health back. You can summon your ghoul again every 30 seconds with “Raise Dead”. However, you should also keep in mind that Death Pact has a two-minute cooldown. Also, the Death Pact ability consumes rune power.

Army of the Dead

With this ability, you live up to the name of a one-man army. These little helpers deal enormous damage and even pull some of the aggro on themselves. This gives you a few seconds to heal or focus on another target. So never abandon your ghul army in stubborn and lay fights. With a cooldown of six minutes, the army of the dead can even be summoned multiple times.

Icebound Fortitude and Anti-Magic Shell

This ability reduces the damage of your opponents enormously. Therefore, you should also learn to use both abilities wisely. You should use the Anti-Magic Shell on opponents who attack you with magic spells. It absorbs 75% of all magic damage. However, with only five seconds of duration, you’ll need very good timing. The ability Icebound Fortitude, on the other hand, is best used when several enemies attack you at once. Try to keep this ability on cooldown, as it reduces the total damage by 20%. Again, keep in mind that both abilities require rune power. Therefore, always keep a close eye on your resource bar. In a fight that lasts 20 minutes, you’ll take a full four minutes less damage if you keep using Icebound Fortitude.

The correct Glyphs

The most important glyph for your solo adventure is Vampiric Blood. This increases the duration of the effect by five seconds. Another essential glyph is “Disease”. This is because it allows you to renew your diseases with just one button on Pestilence. Since this only uses one Blood Rune, you can invest the Unholy and Frost runes you save in an additional Death Strike. The Glyph of Dead Strike boosts the damage of this ability in parallel with your Rune Power. Since Death Strike is your most important attack and is used whenever possible, you boost it again with the corresponding glyph. This will increase the damage of Death Strike by 25%.

For the minor glyphs, we recommend Pestilence, Horn of Winter, and Raise Dead. The low glyph “Blood Transformation” would not be a good choice. It will turn your blood runes into death runes. However, you urgently need these blood runes yourself for your self-healing.

Glyphs for WotLK Death Knight (DK) Solo heroic Guide

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