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WoW Classic level guide: How to get to level 60 quickly

Leveling in World of Warcraft Classic can be frustrating if you don’t know how to get to level 60. There are many obstacles that prevent you from reaching the next level, for example, because you don’t have enough gold and therefore keep dying. To make the process a little easier for you, this guide will help you get to level 60 in a short time.

In principle, there are two main ways to level up quickly in Classic: questing and running dungeons. The easiest way is to start with questing, and with the right equipment, you can also level well with dungeons. In the guide we will go into leveling through quests.

Quest EXP

Completing quests is the main way for the majority of players to get to level 60. While the player doesn’t get a lot of experience for a single quest, you can complete them in a meaningful order and grouped together, making the method more efficient than killing individual mobs.

However, it is not possible for you to just complete any quest you want. You have to make sure that you are in the appropriate area for your level. Each area in World of Warcraft is adapted for a certain level range. It is therefore necessary that you switch to the appropriate area when you reach a certain level.

You should also level up solo or in pairs if you have to. This way you will get the most experience points. However, there are also quests where you might need help.

WoW Classic Level Guide

Level Areas in Classic WoW

Below we have listed the respective level areas according to their levels. It is advisable to level where your level allows, instead of doing unfinished quests in a zone you have already leveled, since you will get much less EXP for killing monsters that are below your character level.


Eastern Kingdoms

Durotar 1-10

Dun Morogh 1-10

Mulgore 1-10

Elwyn Forest 1-10

Teldrassil 1-10

Tirisfal Glades 1-10

Darkshore 10-20

Loch Modan 10-20

Barrens 10-25

Silverpine Forest 10-20

Stonetalon Mountains 15-27

Westfall 10-20

Ashenvale 18-30

Redrige Mountains 15-25

Thousand Needles 25-35

Duskwood 18-30

Descolace 30-40

Hillsbrad Foothills 20-30

Dustwallow Marsh 25-45

Wetlands 20-30

Tanaris 40-50

Alterac Mountains 30-40

Feralas 42-50

Arathi Highlands 30-40

Azshara 45-55

Stranglethorn Vale 30-45

Un'goro Crater 48-55

Badlands 35-45

Felwood 48-55

Swamp of Sorrows 35-45

Winterspring 53-60

Hinterlands 40-50

Moonglade 55-60

Searing Gorge 45-50

Silithus 55-60

Blasted Lands 45-55

Burning Steppes 50-58

Western Plaguelands 51-58

Eastern Plaguelands 53-60

Deadwind Pass 55-60

WoW Classic – Leveling in dungeons

At the beginning of WoW, leveling in dungeons was not considered very rewarding. This was often due to the fact that players didn’t have enough game experience and the compositions of the groups weren’t optimal. Now, leveling in dungeons is a good alternative to questing. The advantages are obvious: by killing the elite monsters, high EXP can be achieved as in questing. Through a “core group” it is not necessary much to travel around the WoW world and thus saves this time.

It is important here that the players are well matched. It is most effective when the monsters in the dungeons are killed by AoEs to get as much EXP as possible in a short time. These strategies have led to the terms “Melee Cleave” and “Spell Cleave”. It is best to do these dungeon runs with good friends and guild members via voice chat. This is because clear communication is very important here so that players can grind through the dungeons as quickly as possible.

Melee Cleave

The Melee Cleave is a group of melee fighters that kill monsters with AoE damage. The best group for this is Warriors, a Paladin, and a Priest as a healer. The paladin pulls as many group mobs as possible and then ignites his bubble while the group of warriors kill the monsters quickly and efficiently. As an alternative to the Priest, a Shaman can also step in. However, a rogue is not a good choice, because it doesn’t do area damage.

Spell Cleave

Unlike Melee Cleave, Spell Cleave is more complicated to play. Spell Cleave groups can kill entire dungeons in one pull if they do it right. However, this is very hard to pull off with strategy. It is recommended that you pull off smaller pulls with plenty of time to regenerate mana. Warlocks and Mages are especially good for Spell Cleave. Priests or Shamans are the perfect healers in this combination. However, a Paladin can also be suitable as a healer.

Open World Grinding

If you are leveling in pairs or threes, open world grinding can be a useful option. It can be especially helpful for gaps between before changing a zone. For example, if you still have a few quests missing, but you don’t want to master them, but killing monsters in the open world is easier.

This involves pulling multiple mobs and killing them with AoE damage. It is much easier to organize than dungeon groups, which is why this method is often used. It can be more interesting than just questing. However, in terms of efficiency, it’s not necessarily the most useful way to get to level 60.

WoW Classic Leveling Tips and Tricks

Always log out at the inn or in a city

Inns and towns are places where players can rest. They are away from any monsters and are useful for those who want to take it easy. By logging out in towns or inns, you will get so-called “rested EXP”. These double the EXP you receive as a reward for killing monsters. These add up over time, which means you get a nice bonus EXP when you return.

Kill everything you see

In many other MMORPGs, the player spends most of his time grinding to reach the highest level. In World of Warcraft, it is possible to reach the highest level in many different ways. As described above, you will often have to change zones while questing. We recommend that you kill monsters along the way. The prerequisite is, of course, that you can kill them and that the level difference is not too big. The EXP gained from this is not very high, but it adds up over time.

Spend your gold well in WoW

One of the biggest hurdles in World of Warcraft is farming gold. The game is designed so that you have to spend gold for many different events in the game. Be it buying new skills or flying to the level area. Or saving up for your mount. There will always be a new reason why you need gold. Therefore, it is especially important to understand how you can earn gold in the long run and spend it wisely.

One mistake that many beginners make at the beginning of their WoW career is that they often spend gold on skills that they don’t even need to level yet. Often, you would rather have saved the gold for the mount, as it would have been more worth your time. It’s always best to see if you really need a skill for your rotation, or if the 1% more damage is really worth investing your gold in.

Quick learning of first aid

Just about every monster in WoW drops cloth like linen cloth, which you can use to make items like bandages. Bandages are cheap and effective for healing, as they can reduce the time between fights as a result. While you can heal much faster by sitting down and consuming food, this option is significantly more expensive. For classes like the warrior, this skill is mandatory. Teachers for the profession can be found in every capital city. Also, this profession counts as a secondary profession and thus can be learned in addition to two other main professions.

Now you are ready to go

With our tips, you should now be ready to start your career in World of Warcraft Classic. It’s a long road that will require a lot of dedication and time. Getting to level 60 is worth the effort. If you have difficulties, our guides on CoinLooting or our Gold and Level Boost Service will help you on your way to strengthen your character. We hope you have enjoyed the wow classic level guide.

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