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With WotLK Classic a new Arena Season starts in World of Warcraft. Here you can get the new gladiator gear and weapons again. We at CoinLooting help you to get them with our WoW WotLK Classic Arena (Rating) Boost. But how do I get arena points in WotLK Classic and what do they do for me?

Buy Arena (Rating) Boost for WoW WotLK Classic and get the Gladiator Set

Did you always want to have the gladiator mount from the current season? Like the mount “Deadly Gladiator’s Frost Wyrm” from PvP Season 5 in WotLK? Or just a complete set of the current S-Tier as well? But unfortunately you can’t find any other players or guilds for your project? And this is where the service of CoinLooting comes into play. We help you with our experienced boosters to get your desired amount of arena points and arena rating. With our WoW WotLK Classic Arena Boost for points and rating this is a piece of cake. It doesn’t even matter if you already have experience in arena battles or not. We haven’t convinced you yet? Then we will now show you why it is a MUST for every PVP player to have a complete arena set

How I get Arena Points in WotLK Classic?

You earn Arena points in WotLK Classic by competing in Arena battles. It doesn’t matter whether you compete in 2 vs. 2 or 3 vs. 3. After each victory, your character will be rewarded with a certain amount of Arena Points. In addition, there is a daily quest in Dalaran that gives you additional points for a victory. Unlike honor points, arena points cannot be earned in open-world PvP.

Why is the Arena-Set so important in WotLK?

Along with a strong weapon, equipment is a crucial factor for damage, healing or resilience. In addition to the resilience rating, the current Arena Season Gladiator sets have many different and useful set bonuses. For example, if you have a complete set of the Wrathful Gladiator Battlegear, the attack power of your Warrior will be increased by 150. This can make all the difference in any arena fight. Also, a certain amount of resilience is mandatory. Otherwise you will be destroyed in no time. Show yourself with your new gladiator set in the Dalaran Arena and destroy your enemies. You can buy a WoW WotLK Classic Arena Rating Boost to go with it.

Why should I get the Arena Boost for WotLK Classic on CoinLooting?

But what makes CoinLooting different from the many other sites with similar services? We can answer this question very easily. Since we are passionate gamers ourselves, we know how important a good service is. For this reason we also offer Selfplay for all Arena Boost in WotLK Classic in addition to Account-Share. Here you can easily play yourself. You also have the possibility to contact us via Live Chat at any time. We are here for all your questions. All boosters are experienced players who have already played Wrath of the Lich King themselves. So every player will reach his desired rating without any problems.

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As a first step, select your desired number of Arena Points or rating. Please note that self-play cannot be offered in all cases. After that you can specify all other details.

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After you place your order, we will start preparing for your Arena Boost in WoW WotLK Classic. After that we will send you an email and discuss the further procedure. For the boost, we offer you the option to play by yourself or optionally via account share. If you have any further questions about this service, please feel free to contact us via email or live chat. We are available for all questions at any time.

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Once the order is placed, the boost already starts. Once we are done, we will send you a confirmation email. After that, the service is done and you can enjoy the benefits of it.



How to get Gladiator Mounts?
The Gladiator Mount is one of the most sought-after mounts in all of World of Warcraft. There is a new mount for every season. In WotLK Classic it is the Frostwyrms. To get these mounts, you have to be among the top 0.5% of the world’s arena ladders. At the end of each season, the mount is awarded. Without professional help this is almost impossible. CoinLooting can help you with an Arena Boost for WotLK.
How to create a Arena Team in WotLK?
You can create an arena team in the sewers of Dalaran. The NPCs for this are in the center (Circle of Wills). There is a goblin standing on a wooden crate. If you talk to this NPC, you can easily create an arena team.
Is a Arena Boosting worth it in WotLK?
Especially if you have not much time or cannot find appropriate teammates, the Arena Boost in WotLK is interesting for you. Here they can easily earn arena points or arena rating. With the help of CoinLooting this is all possible.
At what rating will I become a gladiator?
As with the Gladiator Mount, only the top 0.5% of the best Arena teams will receive this title. You also need to have 50 games won. This is probably the most difficult achievement to achieve.
Where can I spend Arena Points?
You can spend the arena points in Dalaran in the sewers. There are traders for arena equipment and weapons in the center.
How many Arena Points do I get per Win?
This is entirely dependent on your rating. The higher your arena rating is in WotLK, the more arena points you get for winning a game. If you have a rating of 1,500, you will receive between 260 and 340 points for a win.