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The honor points are the currency for the PvP vendors in WotLK Classic. You can buy many different items like armor, potions or gems with them. So you can benefit a lot from a WotLK Classic honor boost. But why you should buy a WoW WotLK Classic Honor Points Boost and what other advantages it brings with it, we will tell you in this section.

Why should I buy a WoW WotLK Classic Honor Points Boost?

You can earn honor points in WotLK Classic only through PvP. These points serve as currency for various armors and weapons. Especially at the beginning of each new PvP season, honor points are very important in WotLK. For this reason, we can only recommend you a WoW WotLK Classic Honor Points Boost. Although it is not as good as the Gladiator set, it still provides important stats such as Resilience. This is one of the most important stats for your equipment in PvP. So if you want your character to keep up in different battlegrounds, you need the PvP Gear to start with. You can buy it from your PvP dealer in your capital with honor points.

However, the amount of honor you get per battleground is very low. So you have no other choice but to spend hours farming honor points in WotLK Classic Battlegrounds. So go for the Honor Boost for WotLK Classic WoW today and get your PvP Starter Gear.

Wie bekomme ich außerdem noch Ehre in WotLK?

There are many different ways to farm honor points. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Strand of the Ancients, Warsong Gulch or other battlefields. For every player you defeat, you will receive some honor as a reward. For each battlefield you win, you will receive additional honor points. In addition, there are often daily quests in Dalaran, which also reward you with honor points. Thus, honor can only be earned through PvP. However, if you don’t feel like earning honor, you can simply buy a WoW WotLK Classic Honor Points Boost. This will save you from farming.

What are the advantages of CoinLooting?

Our team consists of experienced WotLK Classic players who know exactly how to earn your honor points as quickly as possible. We do not use any software or other forbidden mechanics. Everything is therefore played by hand. This way you can easily get the PvP gear you want in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. You can also reach us almost around the clock via our live chat. There you can contact us at any time about the current status of your order or further questions.

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  Step 1

Before we can get started with the WoW WotLK Classic Honor Points Boost, it is important to first select your desired honor. After that, only the remaining fields like character name or server have to be selected. After that, the order can be placed.

  Step 2

After you place your order, we will start preparing for your Honor Boost for WotLK. We will contact you by email with more information after that. Please note that we only boost via account share. This is the only way we can achieve the desired goal in the desired time. If there are any further questions about this service, just send us an email or feel free to contact us via live chat. We are available to answer all your questions at any time.

  Step 3

Now the boost begins. Once we are done with it, we will of course send you an email right after the completion. After that, the service is done and you can enjoy the benefits of it.



What can I buy with honor points in WotLK WoW?
Honor points are used in WotLK Classic to buy various PvP items. This includes, for example, armor and weapons. You can exchange them at the PvP armor and weapons merchant in the Dalaran sewers.
Where are the honor points vendors in WotLK Classic?
You can exchange your earned honor points in your capital (for Alliance Stormwind and for Horde Orgrimmar). Honor can also be exchanged for PvP gear in Dalaran in the sewers and in Wintergrasp. The merchants are located in Wintergrasp in front of the gates to Archavon’s Chamber. There you can also find different mounts and even account-bound heirlooms.
How much time do you need for the honor points boost for WoW WotLK Classic?
This cannot be said across the board. If you have booked the cap, for example, this may take a few days. To find out the exact duration, you can ask us in the live chat.
Whats the honor point cap in WotLK?
You can never have more than 75,000 honor points at once. Before you reach this limit, it is advisable to spend the honor points first. Otherwise, you won’t receive any more honor for battlegrounds.