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Buy WoW Mythic+ Score Boost for a cheap price for Dragonflight Season 3

You’ve been wanting to boost your score for the Mythic+ dungeons in WoW for a long time? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work out so well or you can’t find a good group? Then you don’t have to worry about that from today on. We will make sure that your WoW Mythic+ score will be boosted to your desired rating. With patch 9.1 the new Mythic+ rating system was introduced. The higher your rating is, the more likely you are to be grouped with other players who have a similar dungeon rating. So, buy the Mythic+ Score Boost for WoW now at a cheap price.

Before we start with the boost, you have to select your desired score. You can choose a maximum rating of 2500. After that we will start with the boost. Please note that after purchasing WoW Mythic+ Score Boost you have to send us your account information (only for account share). Just contact us via live chat or email. If you have any further questions about the process or order, please feel free to contact us via live support.

Why should I choose CoinLooting?

  • We offer you a very good price-performance ratio.
  • Also, we only have experienced boosters on our team that can get any Mythic+ score in WoW Dragonflight with ease.
  • Also, we are very flexible and adapt to your times.
  • Extra wishes are also possible after arrangement.

What’s the benefit of buying the Mythic+ Score Boost?

Depending on the score you choose, you will get the following achievements.

You will also get a mount if you have a Mythic+ score of 2000 and from 2500 an item that can change the appearance of your dragon. So, rare achievements and maybe an even rarer mount are waiting for you. Especially for players who have no time or desire to search for the appropriate groups, this boost is interesting.

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  Step 1

Before you can buy your WoW Mythic+ Score Boost, you need to complete a few fields at first. Select the score you want to achieve in the Mythic dungeons. After that, you can fill in all the other information.

  Step 2

Once you have placed your order, we will contact you by e-mail. We will then arrange a suitable date for you. Once we have set this date with you, we will invite you to the scheduled date.

  Step 3

As soon as the Score Boost for Mythic Dungeons in WoW is completed, you will receive a confirmation email from us. After that, you can enjoy the benefits of the service.



What is a Mythic Score?
After each dungeon on Mythic difficulty, you will receive a score for completing the run. This score will improve as you complete the dungeon faster. So the faster you complete a dungeon, the better the rating. Also, the level of the keystone contributes to the rating. To improve this rating, you can decide to get a WoW M+ (Mythic) Score boost.
At what Mythic Score rating do I get the mount?
You get the mount after achieving the Keystone Master achievement. You can get this achievement with a Mythic+ score of at least 2000, no matter what phase or season of the game.
Do I need to have experience with dungeons?
No you don’t. Whether you choose self-play or account share, our boosters are so experienced that you don’t need to know anything about the dungeons. However, if you are unsure, you can stay at the beginning of the dungeon after making an agreement. We can still complete the boost in time.