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Are the raids in Diablo far too difficult for you? You have already started several attempts, but you still can’t complete the raid? Well don’t worry anymore, we can help you with that. With our Raid Boost for Diablo Immortal, you can complete any raid with ease. This way you will get your desired Helliquary.

The process is also very simple and self-explanatory. For more information you can look under the tab “Procedure”. All of our boosts take place exclusively via account share. This is the only way we can guarantee the successful completion of the Diablo Immortal Raid Boost.

What sets CoinLooting apart from the competition?

  • Unlike the other boosting sites, we put a high priority on the security of your account.
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  • All other Diablo Immortal Raid Service offers that are not listed can be discussed either via chat or email.

What’s the point of buying a Raid Boost for Diablo Immortal?

Every week, you can play each raid once. There are different rewards waiting for you. For example, you can unlock various demonic remains for your Reliquary of Hell. These give your character an enormous boost and are mandatory for every player. However, some of these raids are very difficult. Therefore, you can easily and conveniently earn your Helliquary Demonic Remains and other valuable rewards with our Diablo Immortal Raid Boost. With this, your character will be well equipped for all upcoming adventures.

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The procedure of the Raid Boost for Diablo Immortal can be simplified into three easy steps.

  Step 1

Select your desired raid and difficulty level. Please note that you also need to have the required combat rating. For example, if you select 420 for the difficulty level, you must also have at least this combat rating. After that you can select all other information like server or class.

  Step 2

After we receive your order, the preparation for your boost begins. To speed up the process, you can simply contact us in live chat with your order number. Otherwise, we will notify you by email. In order to start the boost, we will then need your account details, because our booster takes place via account share.

  Step 3

Once the boost is complete, we will send you a confirmation email. After that you can log back into your account.



How do I get the Reliquary of Hell and how do I get the Demonic Remains in Diablo Immortal?
You can obtain the Helliquary in Diablo Immortal through the campaign quest. You will be introduced to a blacksmith (Rayek) in Westmarch. The demonic remains again, you only get from the various raids. You can find and use a total of five of them. These Demonic Remnants can give your Reliquary various bonuses such as increased attack speed. Besides, these can also give you certain advantages for the challenge rifts. You can also improve this Helliquary as well. We at CoinLooting can help you get your Iquary easily and quickly with our Raid Boost for Diablo Immortal.
How can I upgrade the Helliquary?
To improve your Helliquary, you need Scoria. You can find Scoria in raids, during certain quests or in the Battle Pass. Afterwards you can refine 1x Scoria into e.g. 1x Hellfire Scoria at the blacksmith. There is a small fee for this (100 gold). After each upgrade, the stats of your Helliquary will increase. From level 2, 6, 9 and 12 you also unlock more slots for the Demonic Remains. After each upgrade, you will need more and more Hellfire Scoria.
At what level can I enter the Diablo Immortal raids?
From level 45, you unlock the first raid. After that, up to level 60, you’ll gain access to all the other raids through the campaign quest. You should also make sure that you fulfill the required combat rating for the respective raids. You can increase your combat rating in Diablo Immortal by getting better equipment.