Tazavesh Boost – WoW the Veiled Market Mythic for Shadowlands

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WoW Tazavesh Boost on Mythic – Buy cheap Dungeon Boost for World of Warcraft Shadowlands

We at CoinLooting offer you the best service at the best price for WoW Tazavesh Boost. Buy WoW Shadowlands Tazavesh Dungeon Boost now and benefit from it! Tazavesh, the Veiled Market, is therefore the first mega dungeon in WoW Shadowlands.  Many different challenges (e.g. difficulty level Mythic+) await you there. There are also numerous rare mounts to farm in Tazavesh. So if you want to run Tazavesh on Mythic+ but can’t find a group, this is the place for you. So buy the WoW Tazavesh Mythic Boost Service for Shadowlands today and get the new gear from the Mega Dungeon.

You wonder how the process will be after the purchase? It is very simple and easy. After we receive your payment, you can contact us directly via live chat. Then we will arrange an appointment with you. We are very flexible and can also start the Tazavesh Boost service right after your order. After that you will get an invitation from the boosters in the game. Please just follow their instructions. If you don’t want to join the game, you can also just stand at the entrance. The colleagues will also make the boost for Tazavesh Mythic with ease.

So if you need more services, you can always contact us in chat, we are always here for you!

You will get the following after you buy WoW Shadowlands Tazavesh Boost Mythic:

  • All 8 bosses in Tazavesh mega dungeon, the Veiled Market
  • Fast appointments and processing of the boosts
  • Equally professional boosters who are very experienced and can handle all keystone levels
  • Safe boosting methods and no evidence of purchased boosting
  • Also no long waiting time right after the purchase
  • The chance to get loot with item level 226, the pet Gizmo and the mount Cartel Master’s Gearglider

When choosing the Tazavesh Boost on “Hard Mode”, you have a chance to get the following:

You get:

You also have the chance to get loot with item level 233! There are also many different mounts waiting for you. However, these have a low drop chance and are not guaranteed. For the achievement “Well forged is half won” you will also get the mount Sliding Disc of Tazavesh as a reward.

Why should you buy the boost for Tazavesh Mega-Dungeon?

Most of the players just don’t have the time to fight in the mega dungeons until late at night every week. That’s why we offer our customers the opportunity to buy a WoW Tazavesh Mega Dungeon Boost for Shadowlands. Just buy and relax, we will do the rest. This way you’ll also get the achievements and mounts you’ve always wanted. If you want more wishes or options, just ask us via live chat. We can fulfill your every wish.

If you are interested in WoW Gold for Shadowlands, then take a look around our website a little further.

How to order

To order, you need to find your character link first. You can find detailed instructions under the tab “Character Link?” Afterwards you can choose between these two different boosting methods.

Selfplay: Here your character is played by yourself.

Account Share: A booster logs into your account. After that he will do the boost for you.



Then you can choose the difficulty level. There is a distinction between Mythic Normal and Mythic Hardmode. If you want to have additional traders of your armor class, you can also add them.

It is important that you meet the following requirements:

  • Your character should be at the maximum level
  • Never write about boosting in the game itself



After you purchase WoW Tazavesh Dungeon Boost, please contact us in Live Chat so that we can schedule an appointment.


WoW Shadowlands Tazavesh mythic Dungeon Boost

WoW Tazavesh Dungeon Mythic Boost

WoW Tazavesh mythic Dungeon Boost Shadowlands



WoW Tazavesh Boost FAQ

Hard mode is a more difficult level than Mythic. Thus, it is a real challenge. Accordingly, the reward is also better than in the normal Mythic mode. In Tazavesh hard mode, you can find armor pieces with item level 233. In normal, you get equipment with the item level 226.

There are only two requirements you need to fulfill:

  • The character you want to get boosted should be at level 60
  • An active game time if account shareing is selected

That's it. No prior knowledge or specific gear is required to participate in the Tazavesh Mythic Boost.

We are very flexible and can adapt to your times. Directly after your order we can put the group together and start with the Tazavesh Boost in a few minutes. Just write us a message shortly before.


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