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Buy WoW Torghast Boost for Shadowlands now – Twisting Corridors

You can’t get any further in the twisting corridors in Torghast? And you don’t know how to continue? That’s no problem at all! We will help you to master every difficult challenge in WoW Torghast. With the WoW Torghast Boost ( twisting corridors ) all further corridors will be very easy for you. There are no limits to the corridors or even floors. Our professional and also very experienced boosters, manage this with left. So you can easily complete the Torghast quest line and get your powerful rewards. Have we aroused your interest? Then buy the WoW Torghast Boost here on CoinLooting now.

After you have placed your order and we have received your payment, we will start preparing your order directly. Please contact us directly in the live chat after your order. There we will schedule an appointment together with you. In this type of boosting, we only offer account sharing. This way we can ensure that you will successfully receive the boost you booked. Once we have received your account data, the boost starts from there. As soon as we are done with your Torghast Boost, we will let you know via email.

If you have any further questions about Torghast Boost, just contact us in our live chat. There we are available 24/7 for all your questions.

What to expect when buying WoW Torghast Boost:

  • An uncomplicated process for the boost
  • As well as a fast and simple processing with no long waiting times
  • A very flexible team that adapts to your wishes
  • No use of software (bot or cheat)
  • Constant update via live chat or optionally via e-mail
  • Your desired level unlocked in Torghast – Twisting Corridors

Why should you buy the World of Warcraft Torghast Boost?

The biggest problem for most people is still time. You don’t have the time to farm better equipment and for further attempts. We at CoinLootingen know this problem only too well. For this reason we have also thought of a suitable solution. We offer you high quality boost for Torghast. This is done exclusively by selected and very experienced boosters. So you don’t have to worry about the security of your account. This is always our first priority. So, if we could convince you, just make your own experience and buy WoW Torghast Boost.

You are an active player and you are looking for WoW Boost? Then you are on the right page.


  • Your character must be at level 60 (maximum)
  • Torghast must be unlocked. In addition, the quest “Torture Chamber: Thrall” must be completed
  • A minimum gear level is required for each level:
    • Layer 1-3: At least 190 item level
    • Layer 4-6: least 195 item level
    • Layer 7-8: At least 200 item levels
  • For example, if you book level 8, the previous levels 1-7 must have already been run.

Duration of the boost

The time taken for the layers to complete varies greatly. It always depends on which level you have selected. Here is a rough indication of how long the boost will last.

  • Layer 1-4: 60-80 minutes for each Layer.
  • Layer 5-8: 100-120 minutes for each Layer.
  • Layer 1-8: 24-48 hours.


wow torghast boosting corridors

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WoW Torghast Boost



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