New World’s first expansion Brimstone

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New World’s first expansion Brimstone

New World Brimstone Expansion

The world of Aeternum in New World is constantly evolving, adding new things and mechanics to the game with every patch. The new expansion adds a lot of new things. For example mechanics, QoL updates, and a lot more, but players will first test it on the PTR. This New World Brimstone PTR aims to get meaningful feedback from the players testing this high-level content. This article looks at everything that is added/tested to the game beforehand in this latest PTR.

What is Happening in PTR for the New Expansion?

As you know, PTR or Public Test Realm is a server or a set of servers launched before every new game expansion or game season. In the New World Brimstone PTR, players can test out all the new things and find bugs and errors to provide feedback. For the Brimstones Sands expansion, two servers (“US East PTR 1” and “EU PTR 1”) are available where players can instantly level to desired levels to test out content for that specific level.

This testing for all new content in the game can help the devs figure out what things need to change and what aspects they need to iron out for better expansion.

Major Updates Coming to the New World Brimstone Expansion

Now that we have explained why PTR is happening before the actual launch of the new expansion let’s have a look at all the major things coming to New World’s Latest Expansion.

New Zone – Brimstone Sands

This expansion introduces a new Egyptian-themed zone where you will encounter Roman Empire’s 19th Legion and discover why they fell to corruption and what treasures behold our heroes.

Expedition – The Ennead

In this expedition of the new Brimstones Sand Zone, the players will restore balance to the centuries of corruption by challenging the Corrupted Legion. They must first delve into the Ancient Ruins of Egypt to fight the following champions of Anubis:

  • Imhotep
  • Sand Demons
  • Ancient mysteries

Latest Addition to the Heartgem Abilities

The latest abilities allow the players to customize their heroes even more with the following new HeartGem abilities:

  • Detonate – Players can now overload themselves with Detonate Arcane energy that they can actually detonate to deal tons of damage to enemies. While dealing damage, they can easily move around and attack with this powerful arcane energy.
  • Grasping Vines – With this ability, you can now control nature and unleash vines around you to deal damage to enemies by punching your fist on the ground. These vines not only damage enemies but root them for a specific time.
  • Stoneform – What new update is complete without a super defensive ability, like becoming immune to crowd control effects? Stoneform’s ability does just that.
  • Cannon Blast – If you like powerful range abilities, this one is for you as you deal tons of damage with this powerful cannon ability.
  • Dark Ascent – Dealing damage to enemies with death from above with these Corrupted wings.

You can only cast these abilities if you have charged your gems, performing various actions like healing, blocking, attacking, etc.

Redesign Game Start

Many changes are coming to this PTR; consequently, the latest expansion will enhance and streamline experiences for new players as they start out. With players’ feedback, the Devs will add new things to the game, such as:

  • The questline has been improved and optimized to interlink different zones, so the players don’t feel detached from the story. This pacing out will also include side stories and quests that stem from the main from different NPCs.
  • New quest mechanics that break the typical point A to B collection are added. You will experience wave mechanics, different tracking quests that also involve traversal challenges, puzzles in ruins, and so on.
  • Introducing new onboarding that focuses on the main questline to stay attached to the story, which will include King Arthur and other fantastic stuff.
  • New enemies, more NPCs, new major locations, plus a lot more challenges you can undertake.

New Weapon – The Great Sword

The new weapon in New World has stances to spice up gameplay that you can enhance with two skill trees. You need to learn the risk and rewards of each new stance and enjoy these varied styles. These stances are part of 2 skill trees which are:

  • The first Tree is the Onslaught Tree, which focuses on being more offensive and providing you with the strategy of killing your enemies before they can harm you.
  • The Defense Tree is the second Tree that is not a passive but aggressive defense stance that helps you to survive brutal battles while dealing a lot of damage to multiple opponents.

Exclusive to the PTR

  • You can take the heat of the Brimstone Sands only when starting at level 60, no matter what neighboring region you start from during your testing.
  • To start testing this PTR, you can choose one of the predefined backstories that will enable you to reach level 60 and tackle appropriate content instantly.

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed a lot of music continuation and repeat problems while adding new sounds to other mechanics.
  • Social chat notifications come to their respective chats instead of coming as alerts.
  • They fixed many UI/UX issues with icons and their placement. A lot of these fixes now properly incorporate proper labels.
  • Floating damage is now correctly displayed, and multipliers are now correct when added to the experience bar.
  • AFK notification is now shown properly.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our New World Brimstone overview. By the way check out our Blog section, there you can read some more guides for New World.

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